Recipe Bischoff Lasagna

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Ingredients for bischoff lasagna

  • You will need thickened cream 600 ml
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • a jar of biscoff
  • and about 4 packs of biscuits

Double it for more people theabove will feed a family of 5/6

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Method :

In a large bowl whip the cream and sugar

then in anoher bowl melt half your jor of bischoff (1 min microwave) if you over melt it it will go hard.

Openall the biscuits

Once you have all 3 components start layering (bottom layer is biscuits then spread a layer of cream then drizzle same melted bischoff)

And continue tthe process till you finish (the final layer should be cream)

On the top layer of cream drizzle bischoff but in straight lines. Take a sharp knife and ge in the oposite direction to make the pattern.

Then crushed bischoff around the edges

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